Private Commercial Lending

Blue Horizon Property recently signed a joint venture agreement with one of the leading finance companies in Europe and Hong Kong. We have access to cash funds provided by our partner’s shareholders and investors in the crude oil industry. This allows us to provide long term debit lines at an annual percentage rate of around 3% which is lower than what a normal bank would charge without the hassle and restrictions and free of the extra costs and hidden fees.

If your cash flow is limited but your business and business plan can be verified by a reputable auditing firm, we can build a debit line for you and convert it to business credit in a private lending agreement.

If you do not qualify for a traditional bank loan, have done the required due diligence for your business and have sufficient collateral, then we can help.

Whether you need the funds to finance your real estate project or commodity trade, we can help you achieve your goals.
Project Finance including real estate finance is a financing mechanism, in which the real estate project is separated from its sponsors and funding is based on the assumption that the project will generate a sufficient surplus cash to enable debt servicing and provide return to the sponsors and other investors.

Commodity Finance is a financing mechanism whereby an inventory or flow of commodities is isolated from its owner and can be used as collateral for security and repayment.

We can help you with both Project Finance and Commodity Finance.

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