Market Trends

Real Estate Market Trends News:

1.Home Prices as of July 29, 2014 are up 9% year over year, well into the fourth consecutive year of housing market recovery. Altos Research forecasts slight slowing through the end of the year to end at 8.6% home price appreciation for the full year 2014.

2.Inventory, up 10% year over year, is still low compared to historical norms.

3.Consumer demand, despite low mortgage application rates remains intact as move up sellers are again in positive-equity and as employment and household formation continue to grow.

4.Altos Research forecasts home price increases of 7% in 2015 based on the proprietary basket of Altos Research Leading Indicators metrics.

5.Housing inventory should climb another 10% in 2015 versus 2014, resulting in greater transaction volume but not hitting a too-much-supply threshold.

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